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Clean lines with hedge trimming

Trust our experts to trim and prune your hedges safely

Get professional trimming and shaping of your hedges and shrubbery that enhance their appearance and continue to promote healthy growth. Too late? That’s ok! Large overgrown hedges don’t scare us away, but instead, we tackle them head on with a bucket truck, orchard ladders, pole saws, power trimmers, hedge clippers, and whatever it takes for a tailored manicured finish. 

We won’t kill your hedges

And believe us it matters. You can count on Highland Tree Service LLC, a certified arborist, to safely trim and prune your hedges no matter how large they have grown. We know and understand how deeply we can cut woody stems without killing the plant. Some property owners prefer rounded-off hedges and others prefer a squared-off look, it’s your choice, and we’ll discuss this at your free consultation. This is one project where the before and after results are dramatic and your neighbors will surely notice. We love to hear about the compliments you receive after we’re finished.

Call the arborist at Highland Tree Service LLC!

Trust your hedges to the professionals. Most of the time your hedges and shrubbery are a significant part of your landscape, so don’t let just anyone start cutting away at your hedges. Call us today at 541-520-6442 for a free estimate. 

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