The Highland crew works quickly and efficiently, and our clean-up is pristine.

We prune according to ISA specifications, which includes pruning for safety, health, and aesthetics.

Safety pruning can include: 

  • Removing dead or loose limbs,
  • Retrieving hangers,
  • Reducing the crown for trees that are structurally weak,
  • Trimming a tree away from a house, sidewalk, road, and driveway to provide clearance and meet HOA and city codes, and
  • Removing one of multiple trunks when weakened.

 Pruning for health can include:

  • Removing redundant limbs and cross-overs,
  • Tip reduction, if called for, and
  • Pruning for fruit or nut production.

 Pruning for aesthetics can include:

  • Creating separation between trees when there is encroachment,
  • Pruning to bring a tree into balance, and
  • Removing water sprouts (caused when a tree is over-pruned).

 The Highland Tree pros will chip up and remove all debris, leaving your site in immaculate condition.

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