The Highland crew works quickly and efficiently, and our clean-up is pristine.

Removing a tree is the most potentially dangerous and complicated service we provide. Tree removal is not for the DIYer; hire a professional. We can safely remove any sized tree in any location.

Removing trees is in Ben’s blood, beginning at age 14 when he logged with his father. He is a true tree removal expert. In the urban setting, the Highland crew has three main techniques for safe and efficient tree removal: climbing, bucket truck, and crane.

Climbing: Often, our climber will climb the tree using ropes and spurs, removing the tree by rigging out the limbs and top as needed, and lowering the pieces to the ground. If there is a wide-open space, we can drop chunks into the drop zone. Our ground crew chips up all the debris and cuts the wood into 16” rounds. We will remove all the wood, if you want, or leave it stacked neatly for your use as firewood. Our two different sized skid-steers help with the wood removal.

Bucket Truck: Our bucket truck (cherry picker) reaches 60’, so it’s a very handy piece of machinery to use in some tree removals.

Crane Removals: If the tree is in a tight situation and big, we will come in with a crane and gently lift out the pieces. This protects the home, fences, and previous landscaping.

We pride ourselves in performing a thorough job, providing stump grinding, too, and either removing the mulch from the site or leaving it to use as mulch in your garden.

Whichever technique we use, your yard will be immaculate when we finish.

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