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Say goodbye to ugly stumps

We use a stump grinder for permanent removal

We remove remaining stumps and roots after our tree removal services and stumps that have been in your yard for years attracting unwanted insects and pests. Our stump grinder removes the stump several inches below grade allowing you to plant right over top with nice green grass or flowers. This process creates a lot of wood chips that can be kept and used for garden mulch or we can remove and haul them away if you prefer. 

Removal of a tree stump using a stump cutter and cutting or grinding into fine chips. On a spring, sunny day.

Why remove stumps?

Where do we start? Removing tree stumps can prevent insects, and tripping hazards, and make mowing a whole lot easier. Tree stumps left to rot can become great homes to termites, ants, and even snakes. And more often than not, we hear homeowners trying to remove stumps themselves which is never a good idea. Highland Tree Service LLC can easily remove your stump at an affordable price and spare your back.  

Why is stump grinding best?

Stump grinding is far more efficient than traditional stump removal methods such as digging or burning. These methods can take days if not weeks, to complete and often damage surrounding landscaping. Our stump grinding machines are equipped with powerful blades that quickly reduce the stump into small wood chips. Removing stumps through grinding also prevents regrowth from occurring. When a tree is cut down but a stump is left in place, the root system can continue to grow and new shoots can appear.

Get a free estimate on stump grinding

Your back will thank you. Stump grinding is the most effective way to get rid of tree stumps. You owe it to yourself to get a free estimate when you call Highland Tree Service LLC in Eugene, OR. Our number is 541-520-6442.

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